Her mother dying in a poisonous plot of power.
An instrument of peace threatening destruction.
A warrior determined to uncover her secrets.

Piper Akins has lived her entire life in the clutches of an evil cult and yearns to run away. But with her mother’s life at stake, she is forced to follow the leaders’ demands to search for the supposed magical trumpet of King Tut—knowing the power it will give them once it is in their possession.

Math might be the smartest warrior in the force, but the only way to prove himself is to work with Piper to find the missing trumpet of peace and defeat the evil cult before they can destroy the world. However, Piper has secrets, and the fulfillment of her quest means the failure of his.

While she and Math circle around each other, pretending one thing, believing another, Piper finds herself falling for the brave warrior. But her mother will die if Piper doesn’t betray him. And Math must offer more than muscles and brains to win Piper over. He must offer his heart.

Can both learn to trust each other in time to stop mankind’s annihilation?

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