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When Morag MacCullach was kidnapped on her wedding day, her sister Cat vowed that she would find her and bring her safely home to be married to the man she had been promised to.

But what she had not expected was that her father would be so dead set on an alliance with the Mackay Clan that he would put her in Morag’s place to be married to the wild son of Ginny Mackay. The marriage could not be real, she would never allow it. But as time passed, there was no sense in denying that the anger and distrust she felt for Lachlann Mackay had become something else entirely.

“She’s been taken by Manus Camran—she’ll be dead by now… Or worse.”

But Morag has been missing for months, and Cat refuses to believe that what everyone says is true. Despite everything, she’s determined to see her sister rescued, even if it means taking matters into her own hands and facing Manus Camran herself.

Reader beware — “A Warlord’s Prize” features lots of plaid, possible historical inaccuracies, a high-spirited heroine, and a dastardly plot that could ruin everything. There is no cheating to be found here, NO cliffhanger, and a Highland HEA is guaranteed.

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