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Who is the woman in the mirror?

Take one solitary, nameless gentleman, a woman helpless and desperate — and add mistletoe. One has a strange gift, the other an unusual heritage, and together they will make unexpected Christmas magic, since they’re both searching for the same thing although they don’t know it.


Michael FitzDoone, adrift in a snowstorm, stumbles across the chance for a meal and a bed—something he can’t turn down. Ariadne Wilton makes the offer without thinking his arrival might portend a change in her future. And neither could imagine the heat that will explode between them or where a mysterious prediction will guide their unusual journey. It may well include a solid punch on the nose, something odd stuck up a tree, unexpected revelations, and of course—kisses and mistletoe.


It’s an enchanting Ridlington Christmas adventure that will bring some holiday joy into more than just two lives...

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