"Some secrets are bad enough you want to hide them even from yourself...

"... so you armor yourself however you can–some people drink or take drugs or self destruct. I have to ask, what method of self-destruction will I settle on? Or will I share the horrors I survived and make those memory burdens to people I love?

"Sometimes there are no easy answers. I sure don't have any. The source of my terrors now threatens everyone I love and all I hold dear. Can I face him again, spit in the face of fear and take on the monster?

"Am I brave enough? Is my commitment strong enough? I wish I knew. There's a war coming. A war for Zaras and for Earth and if we don't win, millions die or suffer the yoke of slavery to a fiend whose evil is unmatched.

"We have to defeat him, no matter the cost. And while I'll never admit it, there's a voice inside telling me we may win the war, but me? I'm going to lose, or come undone, I don't know which, but I feel something bad headed my way. And I don't mind saying, I've never been so afraid."

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