Rock-Star Romance

Keith "Kat" Williams is the best friend everyone wants. As bassist for the punk rock band, Lightning, his level head and cool composure were the glue that held the band together, even in the worst of times. His fierce loyalty to his best friend, Adrian "Bolt" Hall, kept the band’s lead singer on a path that eventually led him to marital bliss with his wife, Melody. Kat has always envied the love Adrian and Melody share because it's something he’s been unable to find. But now, Kat believes he has found the love of his life with Annette, a woman he has had a crush on since high school.

Annette Hall, Adrian’s cousin, and Melody’s best friend, has left her unfaithful husband and is building a new life for herself and her three sons. In Kat, she sees a gorgeous man with a good heart. One who has always been there for her even when her husband was not. As the two of them look beyond the boundaries of friendship, they begin to see the possibility of a relationship that could last a lifetime. There’s just one problem…her husband wants her back.

Despite all his failures as a husband and father, Dr. Adam Bryant promises Annette they can pick up the pieces and put their family back together. But when his wife repeatedly refuses him, something snaps, and a dark, sinister side of Adam emerges— a side willing to destroy every relationship Annette has ever had and hurt everyone she loves, including their sons.

Will Kat and Annette make it through the fire?

Warning: This book's content matter includes the subjects of alcoholism, divorce, infidelity, outing of a gay character, rape, suicide, jealousy, and anger.