Interpersonal Relations

It’s time to take control of your life and become a perfect man

Mark McCoy, CIA agent and chief commander in the agency’s training academy, retired from his job after twenty-five years of non-stop action. Thanks to the nature of his role, Mark became an expert in coping within every imaginable area of life, starting from how to charm a woman all the way to gaining entry to any place in the world—from a sold-out rock concert to the most exclusive by-invitation-only parties.


For years he watched worthy men being embarrassed by social interaction, afraid of complex situations and most of all, not able to realize their full potential.


Now, having left the organization, McCoy has decided it is time to share the vast knowledge he has accumulated with the rest of the male world.


The Ultimate way to become the perfect man is the guide for you to learn how to get on like a king in every corner of the world, what to do in complicated situations, how to make new friends and earn their trust, how to win over the hearts of the women around you, with added tips that will make your partner happy and proud to be seen with you.

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