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A touching novel about a brave woman in a strange land, boundless love, and family secrets spanning continents.

Years after her father suddenly disappears without a trace, Tanya’s family is on the brink of poverty. To save her mother and little sister, Tanya embarks on a journey to a new country, where she will be able to work and gather enough money to prevent her family from falling apart.


While other foreign women like her usually work in the shady downtown, Tanya finds a job as a caregiver to a very successful, though unwell, author who has trouble communicating with his surroundings.


As she struggles with the yearning for her family and the challenges of a foreign land, she discovers a hidden connection between the famous author's past and her childhood in her homeland. Determined to solve the curious mystery, Tanya unknowingly begins to uncover demons from her past. The more she discovers, the more the hidden secret may tear her life to pieces.