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All Alistair MacCullach wanted was to appease Clan Mackay. Perhaps after he made a deal they would stop their raids and maintain the peace of the laird’s lands. Perhaps they would keep the promises they had broken again, and again. But what Morag and Cat's father hadn’t bargained on, was that Lachlann Mackay, the fearsome leader of the warlike clan, would want a bride in exchange for his peace.

Morag MacCullach believes in destiny; but when things look darkest, hope is a hard thing to find...

Kidnapped on the day of her wedding by a band of lawless raiders intent on securing their own piece of history, Morag MacCullach is at the mercy of Manus Camran, a man who believes that a wealthy bride will make the laird recognize his claim to his father’s legacy. Escape seems futile, but Morag is stronger than she looks, and there may yet be a way to save herself and escape her cruel fate.

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