Romantic Suspense

There are choices to be made in life and often it means choosing between what you want and what you feel is the right thing to do. The Walker family understands that. So does the love of Russell Walker's life, Naomie Taylor. Maybe she understands it better than any of them.

She'd do anything she can to help someone she loves, even if she disagrees with with them. Like Senator Walker's daughter, Amber. As far as Naomie is concerned, she owes Amber and she always repays a debt. The problem is, this one might get them in a mess no one can extricate them from.

Amber has her sights set on an FBI agent, John Rushing. The problem is, John has a thing for someone else. A woman who is on the wrong side of the law, but who lights a fire in him like nothing he's ever experienced.

The Senator's Daughter, an FBI agent, a criminal and a woman trying to repay a debt and not lose the man she loves in the bargin. What could possibly go wrong?


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