You are the backbone of this new adventure.  It is through your love of reading that we can make this fun and exciting for everyone.  It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy the books you choose to read, find new authors that intrigue you, and help an author realize a dream. 


This is what is asked of you, the reviewer, pick books that will interest you.  Read them quickly and submit a review to Amazon.  You are free to post your review anywhere else you would like.  Have a blog?  Feel free to post to it.

We are also offering timely reviews.  This means that the reviewers have 10 days from the day the books are emailed out to post the review.  Doesn't take you that long to read a book?  Great!  After you email us your review link you can get another FREE book to read.  That's right!  We only send out one at a time.  


Please beware:  Any reviewer not meeting the 10 day deadline (we will work with you if you need more time) or slamming/trashing an author or their book will be removed from our list. So if you can't read the book by the deadline - let us know!!!  Life happens, we can only understand if you let us know.


"Swapping" books:  If you pick a book and read the first three chapters  and realize you just can't get into it, let us know.  We will give you the option of choosing another book.  But please don't make that a habit. We provide as much information as we can to help you select books that interest you.


We hope we have answered all the questions.  If we didn't please email us.  We strive to stay on top of all emails and post submissions!

1.  We keep a list of all the books and reviewers.  We have a book form list to help you select books.  The Master List is posted on the Facebook group as the pinned post.  Genre lists are on the website.  And all lists are on our Goodreads group 
2.  You can email us links to the reviews you post to  

3.  All reviews you send us are posted on our blog on the books individual page

4. Due to Amazon regulations you must state at the end of your review you were given the book in exchange for a honest review.  UNLESS YOU GET A GIFT CARD AND PURCHASE THE BOOK!


And that is all for now!
Happy Reading!