What s up with Vixen? Just because she’s the reindeer blessed with magic skills, does she really have to show them off? First, she sends Jani Fridley off the road and into a ditch, and then she rescues her. She also has a bad habit of disappearing and reappearing. Okay, so she has a reindeer boyfriend, but it’s not like she spends all her time making little reindeer with him. So, what is she doing? And does she think it will be easy to get the imprint of her reindeer nose off the window glass? Jani is heartbroken, but she feels an affinity with Vixen. Ryker Manning is just the man to salve Jani’s broken heart, but he’s had his own heart flayed in the past. And besides that, both have sworn off falling for anyone ever again. Vixen, the magical reindeer, has other ideas. Who will prevail in this battle of the wills?

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