Romantic Suspense


Their attraction might be just as dangerous as the killer she’s hunting…

Mark Goddard is lost. After being beaten, broken, and left for dead, he stopped caring—about anything. He’s not even sure his bull riding legacy is worth saving. Drinking himself into oblivion would be better than feeling like this. But then a murder investigation brings a gorgeous sheriff into his life, and he starts wondering if maybe—just maybe—he has something worth living for after all.

Whitney York wanted peace. A quiet place to heal from the horrors she barely survived. The small town sheriff’s department job seemed perfect. Until the murder at the local rodeo, that is. Now it’s up to her to find the killer. She can’t afford to be distracted or to trust anyone—not even Mark, whose tormented soul seems to call to her own.

Falling for each other could be the best thing that ever happened to Mark and Whitney. But if the killer stalking their every move has his way, they might never get the chance to find out…

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