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Murder Thriller

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A too-close encounter with murder in the desert forces a guide to become a gumshoe.

When the co-owner of an eco-tour company finds the man he recently fought with dead, stabbed with the guide’s skinning knife, his yearned-for fresh start turns sour.


Gabe Ramsay left his position as a science professor under a shadow, one he swore to keep secret. He escapes to become co-owner of Adventure Calls, an eco-touring company. During a survival test for Gabe and five new guides, he finds the body of the landowner—a hated developer.


Helped by Madrone, the tour company’s captivating chef, Gabe must discover which of the new guides—or Gabe’s new partner--might be a murderer. All had reason to despise the dead man. Can Gabe find the killer before death again stalks the Sonoran desert?