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Plenty of paper millionaires jumped off half-finished buildings in 1926 when the Florida land boom went bust. One such tycoon disappeared from a luxury ocean liner in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Was EQ Edmunds just another victim of his own greed—or was his disappearance the final and most stunning hoax of his stunt-filled career?

Edmunds’ widow, Nesta, left penniless and humiliated by his disappearance, doesn’t believe he’s dead. She has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a private eye willing to take on the case.

PI Billy Heart has a chip on his shoulder and a skeleton that keeps banging on his closet door. He knows he should walk away from this case. But he’s a sucker for Nesta’s tears—and her red high heels.

From the exotic mansions of Tampa’s fabulous Bayshore Boulevard to the steamy underground tunnels and smoke-filled speakeasies of Ybor City, Billy Heart follows a trail of greed, lust, intrigue and danger to the surprising solution of this fascinating mystery based on a real-life disappearance that has never been solved.

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