Holly Morgan has lost her Christmas spirit and she wants it back. After her mother unexpectedly dies, Holly seizes the opportunity to start a new life outside of modeling and she's chosen Christmas Valley as the place to do it. She responds to a cottage-for-rent ad and meets the man who would be her landlord, Ash Hammell, and his three-year-old son, Hank.
Ash hasn't dated since his wife died while cheating on him. Being a single dad and the owner of Mountain Search and Rescue takes up all his time, but that was before Holly knocked on his door and turned his life upside down.
Holly's past rears its ugly head, threatening the budding relationship between her and Ash? Will Ash be able to find her in time to save her life? Will they get the happily-ever-after their guardian angels, Rufus and Dinah, are there to ensure?