Rock-Star Romance

Silly…goofy…the clown…the jokester…the womanizer. John “Buzzy” Thomas, keyboardist for the rock band, Lightning, has been called all these things. But one thing he has never been called is someone’s boyfriend or a man in love. While his bandmates have settled or slowed down from their promiscuous younger days, Buzzy enjoys the sexual perks of being a world-famous musician. Then he meets Danielle, a young woman fleeing an abusive marriage and unfamiliar feelings stir in his heart. He longs to protect Danielle and make certain she never hurts again.

Danielle Jones has had her share of disappointments. From a young age, life dealt her a difficult hand. But with the help of Melody Hall and Douglas “Dagger” Meyers, she and her young son, Tyler, escape their house of horrors and begin again. For the first time, Danielle feels in control of her life. She has a job she loves and is working on finishing her education. While she loves Buzzy, she sometimes feels smothered and because of her disastrous past, Danielle keeps him at arm’s length, unable to fully commit.

With determination, love, and a healthy dose of humor, Buzzy breaks down Danielle’s protective wall. But as soon as she gives him her heart AND body, a friend of Buzzy’s comes forward with an announcement that alters all their lives. Devastated, Danielle runs away from the pain of another broken heart, while Buzzy sinks into despair as he struggles to do the right thing.

The band family rallies around the couple trying to help them find a way back together. But only Danielle and Buzzy know if their hearts can heal and find their way back to one another.

Warning: This book contains a death which some readers may find upsetting. It also contains the subject matter of domestic violence and sexual abuse.