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A dance with the devil…

Dakota and Diego’s do-over first date is going so well—until the alcalde himself crashes the party with veiled threats and the suggestion that Dakota will make an excellent addition to his harem of stolen women. Dakota promises to see Don Federico dead first, and Diego knows that he and his coven of rebel vampires must strike soon or risk losing everything they’ve worked for. 

A fight to the death…

When a distraught wife comes to Dakota for help in finding her missing husband the bounty hunter takes the case. Luis Peña is a diagnosed werewolf and he’s disappeared without taking his Lycanthropene pills. A seemingly routine checkup leads Dakota into the underground world of a shifter fighting ring. Digging a little too deep backfires as usual, and Dakota finds herself on the wrong side of the ropes.

A war for the crown…

The death of Juan the Ripper leaves a power vacuum in New Mexico’s shifter community that plunges the Land of Enchantment into chaos. The bounty hunters of PCT struggle to keep a lid on the violence as two powerful players emerge—and both want la Cazadora’s endorsement for the throne. 

Revolution is coming…

Something in Dakota is changing. Strange dreams and unexplained abilities are a boon to her chosen profession, but is she willing to pay the price? Everyone seems to want a piece of the bounty hunter, from Santa Fe’s vampire elite to the millennia-old demon Sri Devendra. When she finds herself in the clutches of the head bloodsucker himself, Diego sharpens his sword and prepares to move heaven and earth—or at least topple a municipal government—to save her. 

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