A Sisters Betrayal.jpg

A Sister's Betrayal

Women's Fiction


New Jersey 1958: Seventeen-year-old Cecilia is pregnant, disowned and abandoned by her family, She believes nothing worse could ever happen to her.
But she is wrong.
This is just the beginning...

The Lady of the Island.jpg

The Lady of The Island

Women's Fiction


Desperately needing a break, Kate plans a brief vacation on an exotic island, unaware that her decision will change her life forever. Will distancing herself from everything familiar give her the tranquility and contentment she has been craving?

One Day I Will Find You.jpg

One Day I Will Find You

Women's Fiction


Cecilia is poor, simple and homeless. Noelle is rich, pampered and spoiled. What binds these women? Their paths are destined to cross, but will their meeting be a blessing or a curse?

Then She Was Speechless.jpg

Then She Was Speechless

Women's Fiction


What can children do when their mother asks them to help her die?

Ruth, an extraordinary eighty-year-old with a PhD in the Arts, who has suffered a stroke that left her without the capacity to speak, read, or write, tries in vain to commit suicide.

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