“You’re a good girl, Prudence.” His arms tightened a little as they waltzed.
“I know,” she replied calmly. “But what makes you say that?”
“You kept your promise.” He chuckled and she felt it from her eyebrows to her toes. “You didn’t marry a nincompoop, and I trust you kept your magic kisses for me alone.”

She’s waited since the summer for him to come back. Now he has, but he’s not in London just to see her. Sir Ronan O’Malley has a family problem and he’ll need the help of not only Prudence Hartsmere-Drake, but the other Wednesday Club members who are in town for Christmas.

The matter is urgent, more so than many realise, but Ronan knows he must settle it before he can get to the most important item on his Christmas list – Miss Prudence!

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