Rock-Star Romance

After five years of separation, Adrian "Bolt" Hall has reunited with the only woman to ever break down his icy walls and capture his heart. Adrian and Melody, along with their daughter, Adrianna, are now planning a happy future together. Adrian’s band, Lightning, is a worldwide success and Melody is on her way to becoming a doctor.

However, Adrian’s plans to take time off from music to get reacquainted with his family are thwarted by a contractual agreement he must fulfill. With the band forced to hit the road again, the couple’s newlywed bliss begins to unravel. Melody becomes the object of desire for one of Adrian’s longtime friends. Adding fuel to the fire is Adrian’s former lover, who will stop at nothing to get back into his bed. And when Adrian's long, lost mother reenters his world, she fans the flames of an already unstable situation.

As the tour moves from city to city, the doubts and mistrust build. Suspicions turn into arguments. Arguments turn into fights, and fights into a separation. Adrian and Melody’s relationship is tested in the cruelest possible ways.

Will Adrian and Melody's fiery relationship turn to ash?

Warning: This book contains a scene of sex without consent and deaths that some readers may find upsetting. Other content subject matter includes parental abandonment, romantic obsession, suicide, violence, drug abuse, anger, and jealousy.