Disappering Act.jpg

Disappearing Act

Romantic Suspense


Fossil, Colorado is Georgie’s destination, but she takes a wrong turn and ends up in a creek, only to be rescued by Brant Ward, who doesn’t quite know what to make of her. 



Romantic Suspense

In this gripping, ripped-from-the headlines tale, a young woman is caught between two countries in an immigration nightmare scenario. Lies will be uncovered. Truths will come to the surface. Chilling family secrets will be exposed.

Run or Don't.jpeg

Run or Don't

Romantic Suspense


Beck recognizes that there are bad people in the world, but when they’re bat-shit crazy, well, that’s not something he’s dealt with before. Jules is somewhere in the mountains. Beck doesn’t know exactly where, but he’s determined to find her. He’s praying she’ll still be alive when he does.



Suspense / Thriller


Reclaimed, book 4 in the Fateful Justice series, is a dark, gritty, romantic suspense thriller featuring a smart heroine who is stronger than she realizes, and the sexy, down-on-his-luck bull rider who steals her heart. Download today and get ready to lose yourself in this world where fate’s not fair, but justice and true love are certain.

Hong Kong Hot.jpg

Hong Kong Hot

Romantic Suspense


Emily Marchand is on the beach at Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. She just broke up with her boyfriend, she’s totally fed up, and she’s ready to take the next flight home to Los Angeles.