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Suspense / Thriller


She ran away from home to protect her unborn child. Now, twenty years later, she's a woman who learned to put the past and its dark secrets behind her.  To stand on her own and to build a good life for herself and her son.

But the past is not yet done with her and those dark secrets rise from the grave.  Her courage, and the strength of her love will be put to the test.  What's on the line is everyone she loves.

The Boy In The Barn


Supernatural Thriller


"What endures? Love. Yes, I've always believed that and still do. Ironically, I'm discovering that madness also has quite the capacity for endurance.

"Those I love have endured a lot, have been awakened to truths they found, at first, to be unbelievable and have faced challenges they never dreamed. 



Romantic Suspense

As a former Navy SEAL and bodyguard to one of the world’s top Hollywood actors, John Hoyt thought joining the FBI was a logical next step. He never imagined his first case would nearly cost him his life and put him face to face with the one woman he was willing to die for.


The Senator's Daughter.jpg

Romantic Suspense

There are choices to be made in life and often it means choosing between what you want and what you feel is the right thing to do. The Walker family understands that. So does the love of Russell Walker's life, Naomie Taylor. Maybe she understands it better than any of them.

The Senator's Daughter


Supernatural Thriller


"... so you armor yourself however you can–some people drink or take drugs or self destruct. I have to ask, what method of self-destruction will I settle on? Or will I share the horrors I survived and make those memory burdens to people I love?



Supernatural Thriller


"If I'm guilty of anything, it's arrogance. I received my most fervent wish and Victor returned to me. In an odd way, I actually got all I wished for. My family is all with me. Cord is involved with my half-sister, my daughter Cable is in love with a fine man, my and Cord's son, Trevor is happy with the girl in his life, and Victor now gets to know our son, Arthur.



Romantic Suspense

Lash refuses to run from the danger or the painful reminders of his past. He will stay and see the movie through to the end. No matter what the cost to him.


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