Cinderella Assassin.jpg

Cinderella Assassin

Young Adult Romance

What if your fairy godmother sent you to the royal ball to assassinate the heir to the kingdom, but instead of killing the prince you fell in love?


The Sedona Upset

Sweet Romance

Is love worth hot air balloon crashes, vortexes, spiritual energy healers and the ever present cameras for the most popular TV show?

Fairytale Wrath.jpg

Fairytale Wrath


Money means power and power gives your skeletons a taste for retribution. 

They came for me. 

Suffocating me, dragging me to my knees.


Using my past and my future as a double weapon against me. 



Contemporary Romance​

Clay wants a chance with Marisol, but Marisole doesn’t want to date him. How can he prove to her he’s different from the others? That he is serious about her, when his reputation keeps her at a safe, long-distance, with no chance for anything beyond friendship?


Reindeer Blitz

Holiday Romance

What s up with Vixen? Just because she’s the reindeer blessed with magic skills, does she really have to show them off? 

Evangeline Goes West.jpg

Evangeline Goes West

Western Romance

***Buckleup, Buttercup. This here’s an irreverent 18+ adult contemporary western romance. It contains copious amounts of swearing, violence, sex, feminism, and other volatile subjects. If that ain’t your cup o’ tea put this book right back down.

Hidden Jipsie.jpg

Hidden Jipsie


Jipsie is forced to adopt a new identity in each country. And with each identity, she is transformed into a stronger, yet harsher person than the one before, her heart turning colder with each new personality, her morality and compassion crumbling with each move.

Tangles of the Heart.jpg

Tangles of the Heart

Coming of Age Romance

The risks led them to daring escapes, adventures at the drag strip, life-threatening night drives down the race track, marriage proposals, and ultimately the heartbreaking choice of choosing a path that will change everything for all of them.

Aurora's Gold.jpg

Aurora's Gold

Action-Adventure Romance

Aurora “Rory” Darling is the only female dredge owner in town. She’s got money problems, a disgruntled former employee, a complicated family, and an ex who won’t let go. After her father has a horrible accident, Rory must find a way to save the family dredging operation from financial disaster.


Becoming Us

MMF Romance

She’s the woman I’ve always loved. He’s the man I’ve never stopped wanting. Who says I can’t have everything?

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