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Millionaire Romance


Can love survive Friday the 13th, the world watching, and rich bachelors being flown to an island? Buckle up for this award-winning reality tv romance three novel collection.

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Start the Fire

Book 1

Rock-Star Romance

Melody is determined to fight Bolt’s advances even if it means denying her own fascination with the spike haired, rock star wannabe.

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Through the Fire

Book 4

Rock-Star Romance

Keith "Kat" Williams is the best friend everyone wants. As bassist for the punk rock band, Lightning, his level head and cool composure were the glue that held the band together, even in the worst of times. His fierce loyalty to his best friend, Adrian "Bolt" Hall, kept the band’s lead singer on a path that eventually led him to marital bliss with his wife, Melody. Kat has always envied the love Adrian and Melody share because it's something he’s been unable to find. But now, Kat believes he has found the love of his life with Annette, a woman he has had a crush on since high school.

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Where Flowers Bloom


Where Flowers Bloom is as much a story about reconciling the past and finding oneself as it is a steamy romance where the heroine must make an impossible choice between two men.

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Holly Jollies

Holiday Romance

Holly Morgan has lost her Christmas spirit and she wants it back. After her mother unexpectedly dies, Holly seizes the opportunity to start a new life outside of modeling and she's chosen Christmas Valley as the place to do it. 

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Burned by the Fire

Book 2

Rock-Star Romance

After five years of separation, Adrian "Bolt" Hall has reunited with the only woman to ever break down his icy walls and capture his heart. Adrian and Melody, along with their daughter, Adrianna, are now planning a happy future together.

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Hearts Ignited

Book 5

Rock-Star Romance

The band family rallies around the couple trying to help them find a way back together. But only Danielle and Buzzy know if their hearts can heal and find their way back to one another.


Heaven Sent

Paranormal Romance

Johnnie Vega grew up never knowing his father’s love. Instead of receiving praise for his musical expertise, he garnered criticism and ridicule. That anger with his father ignited a fire inside Johnnie to prove his worth. Together with his band, Lush, Johnnie rose to superstardom. But the fame and fortune the bad boy drummer found didn’t heal the wounds of his heart. Instead they fueled his destructive behaviors

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Raging Fire

Book 3

Rock-Star Romance

It’s been five years since Adrian “Bolt” Hall was given a second chance at life and he’s made the most of it. The anger and bitterness of his youth? Vanished. The drama and heartache of the past? Gone. Together with his gorgeous wife, Melody, he has created a loving home and surrounded himself with loyal friends. And just when Adrian thinks life can’t get any better, his former band, Lightning, is offered an opportunity to make a comeback.

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Evangeline Goes West

Western Romance

***Buckleup, Buttercup. This here’s an irreverent 18+ adult contemporary western romance. It contains copious amounts of swearing, violence, sex, feminism, and other volatile subjects. If that ain’t your cup o’ tea put this book right back down.