The Fiercest Star.jpg

Paranormal, Vampire

Dakota and Diego’s do-over first date is going so well—until the alcalde himself crashes the party with veiled threats and the suggestion that Dakota will make an excellent addition to his harem of stolen women. 

The Fiercest Star


Fantasy, Paranormal

The only way demons have touched Tess’s life until now was in the movie she saw when she was 7. The Exorcist scared the crap out of her then, but she managed to get over it and move on.

Lion Shifter


Paranormal, Gothic

Victoria’s greedy uncle wants her dead.
She’s forced to flee her family home.
Seeking refuge at an isolated mansion, she discovers the family friend has died.
His heir, a brooding, Byronic man, has no time for the persistent stranger on his doorstep.

Curse of the Lord of Darkness

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