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Next Boy To Die

Psychological Thriller

Every few days, another boy disappears from his home, with the only common denominator being that they are all blond, blue-eyed, and around the age of fifteen.

As the bodies pile up, the authorities realize they are dealing with an extremely cruel serial killer.

Beneath our skin.jpg

Beneath Our Skin

Suspense Thriller

When boundaries are broken, love is put to the test…

Just People.jpg

Just People


In the third Chizzik Saga, Dov Chizzik, head of the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations, meets his most complex investigation yet.

He must rescue the government from a violent threat to its authority, days before a crucial election.

Mission Tango.jpg

Mission Tango

Suspense Thriller

As Europe faces nuclear disaster and the fate of hundreds of millions of people rests on his shoulders, David knows that any failure on his part will bring the whole world to an atrocious holy war.

Shadows Among Us.jpg

Shadows Among Us

Psychological Thriller

When a mysterious old man shows up at her door seeking absolution and promising answers, it's impossible to resist. But the deeper she goes inside his mind, the shakier her sanity becomes. Everyone is a suspect. No one is innocent. Because Mollie knows evil may be as close as her own shadow. 

Man Overboard.jpg

Man Overboard


Plenty of paper millionaires jumped off half-finished buildings in 1926 when the Florida land boom went bust. One such tycoon disappeared from a luxury ocean liner in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Was EQ Edmunds just another victim of his own greed—or was his disappearance the final and most stunning hoax of his stunt-filled career?

A Venomous Love.jpg

A Venomous Love

Historical Mystery

With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.

Messenger's Dawn.jpg

Messenger's Dawn


He did not choose. He was chosen. And now he must save the entire world.


The Critical Offer

Historical Mystery

When murders from the past start catching up with the present, Yossi and Jeanne realize that the old mystery is lethal and continues to claim victims.

Who is next in line? And why?

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