Next Boy to Die.jpg

Next Boy To Die

Psychological Thriller

Every few days, another boy disappears from his home, with the only common denominator being that they are all blond, blue-eyed, and around the age of fifteen.

As the bodies pile up, the authorities realize they are dealing with an extremely cruel serial killer.

Murder Sonoran style.jpg

Murder, Sonoran Style

Murder Thriller

When the co-owner of an eco-tour company finds the man he recently fought with dead, stabbed with the guide’s skinning knife, his yearned-for fresh start turns sour.

The 15th Representative.jpg

The 15th Representative


Nothing can stop her, or so she thought…

Forced Silence.jpeg

Forced Silence


When past and present merge through a single secret, one little girl becomes the victim of circumstances.

A Savage Flower.jpg

A Savage Flower

Psychological Thriller

Far away, among the savage flowers, Dana slowly begins to see that David’s promises are far from reality. Would it be too late for her to find her way back?