Mission Tango.jpg

Suspense Thriller

As Europe faces nuclear disaster and the fate of hundreds of millions of people rests on his shoulders, David knows that any failure on his part will bring the whole world to an atrocious holy war.

Mission Tango

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Psychological Thriller

Dalia, a young woman who works for an advertising agency, leads a perfectly ordinary life until the day she meets Thomas.

Thomas is everything she had ever dreamed of—handsome, wealthy, mysterious and charming.

Twisted Addiction

The Bubble Match.jpg

Techno Thriller

This was the motto guiding the life of Kim Ji-Yun, CEO of the Bubble Corporation, the most eligible bachelor in Asia, a computer genius, heartless, and haunted by his past.

The Bubble Match

Drs of Darkness.jpg

Psychological Thriller

Straight from the mind of a forensic psychologist comes an addictive series of betrayal, lust, revenge, and murder. These doctors earned their degrees from the dark side. The Doctors of Darkness e-book bundle contains the first three books in the series: Daddy Darkest, The Hanging Tree, and The First Cut.

Doctors of Darkness

Perfect New World.jpg


What would you be willing to do in order to live in a perfect world?

After 40 busy, demanding years of hard work, all Kobi wanted to do was live in peace and quiet.

His grand plan to spend more quality time with his family, faces imminent danger.

The Earth is on the brink of total destruction and the future of the entire world is hanging in the balance.

Perfect New World

Just People.jpg


In the third Chizzik Saga, Dov Chizzik, head of the Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations, meets his most complex investigation yet.

He must rescue the government from a violent threat to its authority, days before a crucial election.

Just People

Shadows Among Us.jpg

Psychological Thriller

When a mysterious old man shows up at her door seeking absolution and promising answers, it's impossible to resist. But the deeper she goes inside his mind, the shakier her sanity becomes. Everyone is a suspect. No one is innocent. Because Mollie knows evil may be as close as her own shadow. 

Shadows Among Us

The Milk Moon Assassin.jpg


The past has come to haunt him.

Only a May full moon remains to compensate for his losses.

Now, it's time for revenge.

The Milk Moon Assassin

The Critical Offer.jpg

Thriller, Political

Head of the Mossad, Gershon Shalit, is enraged by the murder of his daughter, frustrated by his wife’s decision to leave and distrusts his prime minister - seeks revenge. But, his first priority is to eliminate the fundamental threats to destroy the State of Israel's existence.

The Critical Offer

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