The House of Lost Spirits.jpg

The House of Lost Spirits

Mystical Fantasy

Will the residents of the house manage to free themselves from the ties that bind them and move on, or will those walls continue to be their fortress?

Resistance Girl.jpg

Resistance Girl

Historical Fiction

Many fall victims to the long and hard months of fighting, but Chaya and Yehuda persevere, and develop a deep emotional connection through the struggles. Will they survive the inferno and regain their lives?

Rough Way to the High Way.jpg

Rough Way to the High Way

Religious Mystery

Rough Way to the High Way is the first of a series of novels about Mack’s adventures on the road as lives are transformed through his new ministry. The first life to be transformed as Rough Way to the High Way develops appears to be that of the hitchhiker. But God is working in Mack’s life all along, preparing him for a new ministry that will transform lives across the country.

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