Sword of Betrayal.jpg

Sword of Betrayal

Warrior's Claim

Book 1

Historial Romance

Tasked with the care of the village while her father is away raiding, will Torrun be able to keep the peace and protect her people against the growing unrest, or will everything come crashing down around her?

A Venomous Love.jpg

A Venomous Love

Historical Mystery

With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.

The Pleasure of a Pirate.jpg

The Pleasure of a Pirate

Historical Romance

When the dastardly Baron Dorchester kidnaps Little Bo Peep from a costume ball and carries her onto a ship bound for France, the captain of the Molly, Blake Russell, must take on the guise of a pirate to rescue his booty in this delightful tale of a chase on the Channel. Can a tumble on the Thames be far behind?

Sword of Vengenace.jpg

Sword of Betrayal

Warrior's Claim

Book 2

Historial Romance

The death of her father rests heavily on Torunn’s shoulders… and the suspicion surrounding his passing only makes it harder to accept how her life has changed now that her brother has taken the jarl’s mantle.

Snifter of Death.jpg

Snifter of Death

Historical Mystery

The summer of 1889 was proving to be a strange one for Detective Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone and his partner.

They had a sexual pervert loose. The man didn’t actually harm women but threatened them at knife point, fondling them, and ultimately stealing their stockings..

The Secrets of a Viscount.jpeg

The Secrets of a Viscount

Historical Romance

Nothing makes a man more lonely than his secrets. The same might be said for women.

Godfrey, Viscount Thorncastle, has a secret he’d rather not tell anyone, including the woman for whom he has held a candle for over twenty years. Elise Burroughs Batey, the widow of Lord Lancaster, has had enough of marriage, but pining for the chance at motherhood, she may just have to consider Godfrey’s proposal.

Sword of Prphecy.jpg

Sword of Prophecy

Warrior's Claim

Book 3

Historial Romance

Armed with the truth about her father’s death, Torrun’s only option is to run. If she is captured, her life is forfeit. The gods are her only refuge, but the journey to the holy lands is full of danger, and trust is in short supply.

The Viscount's Wayward Son.jpg

The Viscount's Wayward Son

Regency Romance

Edmund is shocked when Anne announces that she is courting a pompous bore of a man named Lord Amberleigh. Realizing that he's in love with Anne, Edmund vows to stop the marriage at all costs. However, things are not always what they seem. What if Anne no longer loves him? What if Anne has truly fallen for Lord Amberleigh?