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A Stolen Bride

Historical Romance

Kidnapped on the day of her wedding by a band of lawless raiders intent on securing their own piece of history, Morag MacCullach is at the mercy of Manus Camran, a man who believes that a wealthy bride will make the laird recognize his claim to his father’s legacy. 

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A Venomous Love

Historical Mystery

With few leads to follow, Bloodstone and his partner must now fight department politics and catch the killer before Underhill becomes another murder victim.

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Not Quite a Lady; Not Quite a Knight

Regency Romance

A Fortune Teller who is not what he seems, a tavern girl who was not always so, a chance meeting and a ball that changes everything.
Threatened by past scandal and a villain who could ruin her, Miss Adelaide plans to trap the wrongdoer.
Occasionally we all need a knight in shining armor…even if it is a little tarnished.

The Pleasure of a Pirate.jpg

The Pleasure of a Pirate

Historical Romance

When the dastardly Baron Dorchester kidnaps Little Bo Peep from a costume ball and carries her onto a ship bound for France, the captain of the Molly, Blake Russell, must take on the guise of a pirate to rescue his booty in this delightful tale of a chase on the Channel. Can a tumble on the Thames be far behind?

A Garden for Ivy.jpg

A Garden for Ivy

Historical Romance

Ivy Siddington adores her Wednesday Club friends, along with Miss Prudence Hartsmere-Drake, niece of the Duke of Maidenbrooke. Chaperoning Prudence is a delight, but the Duke...well, he’s the kind of problem that keeps a girl awake at night when she’s not dreaming of a hero just like him.

A Warlord's Prize.jpg

A Warlord's Prize

Historical Romance

Reader beware — “A Warlord’s Prize” features lots of plaid, possible historical inaccuracies, a high-spirited heroine, and a dastardly plot that could ruin everything. There is no cheating to be found here, NO cliffhanger, and a Highland HEA is guaranteed.

Snifter of Death.jpg

Snifter of Death

Historical Mystery

The summer of 1889 was proving to be a strange one for Detective Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone and his partner.

They had a sexual pervert loose. The man didn’t actually harm women but threatened them at knife point, fondling them, and ultimately stealing their stockings..

The Angel of an Astronomer.jpg

The Angel of an Astronomer

Historical Romance

’Tis the season for falling snow and falling stars... but falling in love?

George, Viscount Hexham, is quite literally thunderstruck when he meets Lady Anne in the park, and he can’t get her off his mind. 


Stella of Akrotiri: Diana

Historical Fantasy

The first adopted daughter of Stella and Darius, Diana has been raised as if she were one of the fabled Amazon princesses. Her mornings are spent training with Darius at the agōgē, her skills as a warrior matched only by a few of the Deminon army recruits. Her afternoons are spent with Stella as she learns the art of diplomacy and the importance of service to others.

Honourable Fortune Hunter.jpg

The Honourable Fortune Hunter

Regency Romance

Heiress to a fortune, Lizzy Scott wants nothing more than to make a love match.

But her controlling guardian, Mrs Hodge, has other plans. She's promised Lizzy to dashing fortune hunter Mr Dalgleish in exchange for a portion of Lizzy's inheritance.

While Lizzy knows Mr Dalgleish is only after her money, he is also charming and persuasive. And he’s her best hope to escape the cruelty of Mrs Hodge's household.

The Forbidden Valentine.jpg

The Forbidden Valentine

Regency Romance

Lady Eleanor Hawthorne never planned on falling in love with a Firthley. The Hawthornes and the Firthleys have been enemies since before Lady Eleanor was born, but when Eleanor’s sleigh is stranded in the snow she cannot bring herself to forget her handsome rescuer, even when she realizes he is David Firthley.


The Choice of a Cavalier

Historical Romance

These bachelors are about to learn they don't have much of a chance when they try to come between and a girl and her horse in The Choice of a Cavalier! Or do they?

The Dagger of Apollonia.jpg

The Dagger of Apollonia

Historical Fiction

A single dagger has the power to change the course of history

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