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Regency Romance

A Fortune Teller who is not what he seems, a tavern girl who was not always so, a chance meeting and a ball that changes everything.
Threatened by past scandal and a villain who could ruin her, Miss Adelaide plans to trap the wrongdoer.
Occasionally we all need a knight in shining armor…even if it is a little tarnished.

Not Quite a Lady; Not Quite a Knight

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Historical Fantasy

Will Marcus help Darius take revenge on the one whose deceit led to his arrest on charges of treason? Or will Darius’ essence slowly be subsumed, the memories of his nearly two-thousand-year lifespan—and of Stella—fading away in the mind of Marcus? 

Stella of Akrotiri: Deminon

The Duke's Winter Promise.jpg

Regency Romance

The duke kept the secret, but the sin was his to bear.
More than anything, he did not wish for word of it to reach Emily’s ears.

When the truth surfaces, Alexander may lose the only woman he's ever loved.

The Duke's Winter Promise


Historical Fantasy

The first adopted daughter of Stella and Darius, Diana has been raised as if she were one of the fabled Amazon princesses. Her mornings are spent training with Darius at the agōgē, her skills as a warrior matched only by a few of the Deminon army recruits. Her afternoons are spent with Stella as she learns the art of diplomacy and the importance of service to others.

Stella of Akrotiri: Diana

The Forbidden Valentine.jpg

Regency Romance

Lady Eleanor Hawthorne never planned on falling in love with a Firthley. The Hawthornes and the Firthleys have been enemies since before Lady Eleanor was born, but when Eleanor’s sleigh is stranded in the snow she cannot bring herself to forget her handsome rescuer, even when she realizes he is David Firthley.

The Forbidden Valentine

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