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From Author Ciana Stone:


All authors understand the importance of reviews, particularly on Amazon.  The challenge has always been "how" to get enough reviews go get Amazon to include your book in their recommendations.  It's even more of a challenge if you are seeking honest reviews from real readers rather than professional reviewers.



Candid Book Reviews filled this void for authors.  They guaranteee that books will be made available to their readers until they've garnered fifteen reviews. An additional benefit to authors is CBR promotes promote their service on the Web, across Facebook, and via Twitter. Readers’ reviews are posted to the author’s page, CBR’s Facebook page and website, as well as on Amazon and Goodreads. I love this extended benefit because it introduces me to new readers.



I definitely recommend Candid Book Reviews and will continue to be a return client.  You can't go wrong with their friendly and professional service.



From Bestselling Author Ditter Kellen:


I absolutely love Candid Book Reviews! They're affordable, fair and most importantly, they deliver! I have used them on four of my books and have had a really good experience! 



From Author Beverley Oakley:


Another great experience with Candid Book Reviews matching up the right reviewers for my kind of story. I'd definitely recommend, and soon will be using their service again. 




From Author Sahara Kelly:


Writing a book is a wonderful thing to do. But without feedback, without readers…it’s just words on paper (or an eReader these days). So reviews can be vital for a new book. However it’s difficult to ask people for reviews. For some of us it seems pushy, or begging for nice compliments…and even knowing where to go or who to ask can be a problem given the number of genres out there.  So having an opportunity to be a part of Candid Book Reviews has been a godsend for writers like myself; those who are review-challenged!!! Ari Stone is probably one of the hardest working folks on Facebook, since scarce a day passes without her posting a link to a new review!!! My review numbers have increased dramatically since I joined - it’s one of the best decisions I made this year and I am always encouraging my colleagues to check it out!!! We all need reviews! With Candid Book Reviews, we get ‘em!!




From Ernesto Patino:

Kudos to Ari and Michelle of Candid Book Reviews. Unlike other review services, they deliver what they promise: unbiased reviews in a professional, timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them to all authors--whether you've written one book or many. I will definitely use CBR again for future projects.

From Author Noelle Greene:


I appreciate all the reviews and your follow-up. Great job. You put others to shame!  Your attention to detail and meticulous follow-up are exceptional. Thanks for a great experience. 


From Author Melissa Storm/Emlyn Chand:


Candid Book Reviews has been a game changer for me. I'm so lucky to have found Ari, Michelle, and their wonderful team of readers just as I was launching my new Romance pen name. With their expert help, I never had to worry about finding reviewers, because they did that for me right from the start--allowing me to focus on my writing (and, hey, isn't that what we all want?). I also love the speed at which the CBR readers read and post their honest and heartfelt reviews. I've never found a service with such a quick turn-around before. Yet another reason I'm addicted to Candid Book Reviews!



From Author Ann Simas


Every author knows how important reviews are to their books. The problem lies in how to engage readers to actually leave reviews after they read a book. It’s fairly simple to find “professional” book reviewers through blogs, Facebook comments, and word of mouth, but I wanted to reach the typical reader. When Candid Book Reviews announced their program, I decided to take a chance on them because I liked the way they had their system set up. Not only do they guarantee books will be available to readers until 15 reviews are obtained, but they promote their service on the Web, across Facebook, and via Twitter. Readers’ reviews are posted to the author’s page, CBR’s Facebook page and website, and also to Amazon and Goodreads. I’m completely satisfied with the extended benefit, which is that my books are introduced to a whole new group of readers. The first month was free. I now pay $25 per book to participate. Candid Book Reviews is well worth the expense.



From Author Caro LaFever:


Ari and her team at Candid Book Reviews are professional, timely, and more
than anything, welcoming. For a newbie author launching her books, it was
such a pleasure to find a community who loved to read and loved to review.
Ari is a joy to work with. I can't recommend this team enough.