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We are so glad you have joined our group.  We hope to be able to offer you, the author, an avenue for seeking Candid reviews in a timely fashion.  


What we will provide for you is a one stop for book reviews.  No more sending out a google form begging for reviews.  You no longer have to make sure the reviewers get your book.  We take care of that. You no longer have to track your reviewers and make sure they post their reviews.  We do that for you.  


And as an added bonus: we will re-post reviews to Facebook, Google Plus, CBR Blog and a buy link on Twitter.  So as your reviews come in to our group.  We will review them, re-post them, and tweet about them.


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We really look forward to working with you and it is our sincere hope to help you all increase your reviews thus increasing your exposure.



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**Due to Amazon regulations:  All reviewers that are given books in exchange for a review have to state that in their review they post on Amazon.