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“I believe there’s some sort of disturbance in the æther surrounding mothers as spring approaches. They’re bound and determined to get their offspring settled…”
Lord Linfield to Miss Glynde-Beauchamp, The Derby Ball, London, February 1818

Miss Rose Glynde-Beauchamp is both charming and intelligent, but not quite in the highest tier of London’s most eligible young ladies. Her mama, however, is determined to see Rose married well, whether she likes it or not, and that means the threat of Almack’s rather than the fun of the Wednesday Club. For an unusually gifted young lady like Rose, it’s a potential nightmare hanging over her head.

Enter Lord Miles Linfield, whose mama is also on a similar marriage-rampage. Commiserating with Rose, Miles hatches a convenient plan that will save them both from endless maternal nagging. 

They discover a shared interest in music, which takes them down an unexpected path to a few surprises. They must solve a theft, get soaked to the skin, deal with a very unusual ménage, wear outrageous clothing and rescue a wayward copyright from greedy hands. Rose has to let go of some erroneous notions, and Miles must try and control some of his.

Was Shakespeare right? Is music truly the food of love? That may well depend on just how hungry one is when the right melody comes along…

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