Lydia Davenport, a devout member of the Wednesday Club, is feeling rather left out, since she has no handsome husband warming her bed for her, unlike her friends Judith, Rose and Ivy. Ever impulsive, she decides to take advantage of their summer holiday at Maiden Shore on the south coast of England and declares her intent to take a lover. The one tiny problem? She has no idea who the lucky man will be.

Mowbray Linfield is thrilled to spend the summer with his friends at Maiden Shore. It is a beautiful home where the shackles of convention can drift away and be replaced by fun and frolics on the beach. He finds his interest in fossils matched by Lydia’s fascination with them and his opinion of her is confirmed—she is unique.

Will Lydia find her lover? Maybe, but along the way there will be bare bottoms, wet bottoms and pinched bottoms, fossils, ale and scandalous swims. There will be storms, danger and desire, along with friendship and, as always, laughter. All of which will go toward proving that finding a lover is one thing—falling in love is quite another.

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