When love is stretched beyond understanding…Noel Miracle considered herself blessed that the Wellings family had welcomed her into their lives. They were the only source of happiness she had known throughout her childhood.A special bond is broken by youth's foolishness…Naive and blinded by her young teenage heart, Noel falls for her best friend Jesse Wellings. His betrayal is enough to send her running from their hometown the moment they graduate high school.Unfortunate circumstances reopen old wounds…Mrs. Wellings, the woman who practically raised Noel, has fallen ill and wants Noel home for the holidays. Unable to refuse the woman whom she loves dearly–Noel goes home.Heartache, time clings to like an old friend…Running into Jesse Wellings was slightly less pleasant than a punch to the gut. Time had done nothing but good things to her old friend. Not only is he an amazing artist with his own successful gallery, he is more handsome than when she last saw him. Could she make it through the holidays without her heart falling for Jesse all over, or would she run, abandoning those she cares about once again?A Home for Noel is a sweet Christmas romance filled with love, laughter, and a little Christmas magic.

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