eBook Review Package

Your book will be submitted to our list of readers/reviewers and remain on our master list of books to be reviewed until 15 reviewers have received your book or no longer requested.


We display your book on our website until the last reviewer receives a copy.  Reviews from the readers are posted (by them) on Amazon and we share the review on our Facebook Page along with a buy link. We also share buy links for your book on Twitter and Instagram.

Please let us know if your book is listed at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and/or Kobo.  We will request that readers who receive your book post their review on these sites as well.  

We can NOT guarantee the number of reviews or how quickly you will receive them.  We also can NOT guarantee you will receive favorable reviews.  These are real readers who are posting their CANDID reviews.

* We cannot guarantee 5 star reviews or a particular number of reviews.  We can guarantee that your book will be given to at least 15 readers and they will be asked to post a review for your book on Amazon.  All other ebook retail sites are optional for review posting.  
Michelle's QBO Bookkeeping Service


Would like a little help keeping tack of your finances?  Let Michelle help.  She is a skilled and knowledgable bookkeeper who LOVES numbers. Quickbooks Online has easy to use and affordable monthly subscriptions to help you keep track of all your income and expenses so when it comes time to do your taxes, it's all there. No more scrambling through bank and credit card statements trying to remember what that charge was for.

For More Information: send email to contact@candidbookreviews.net 

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Michelle's PA Service


Sometimes having an extra set of hands makes the project move that much smoother.  Michelle is that extra set of hands. 


Currently she has 9 authors that use her on a weekly basis. Everything from running ARC and Audio review teams to ad campaigns.  She is experienced in recording sales data from KDP, NookPress, Kobo, D2D, Smashwords, and Apple.  And knows how to upload books to these sites.  She can maintain your website and newsletter.  She can help you with your formatting using Vellum.

If you need extra help setting up Amazon Ads, Facebook ads, creating google forms, and/or any time consuming project you've been putting off; Michelle is more than happy to help.  

For More Information: send email to contact@candidbookreviews.net